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Social bookmarking helps a lot in providing exposure to your site. Sharing a few comments and showing off what you have or even simply wanting to share something you came across on the web goes a long way.

Social bookmarking can help your site or make you a referrer to a site that you love to visit. Either way, you are sharing information over the web and helping people needing it in the process. Comments and reactions are important as well. Insights are something important since not all information on the web will always bring positive remarks especially from the critics.


Having the knowledge in today’s world is simply no enough anymore for people seek for more evidence or basis from words and the internet has made that a reality. Information truly is just a few clicks away and the truth about the claims of an individual can be verified amongst the may fraudulent claims elsewhere on the web. Social bookmarking allows you to not only gather enough information from all over but it allows you to get that information out to other people who may be seeking for the same information like you. Doing so and establishing yourself as an expert in your field of expertise builds-up your readership thus making you visible in the world of social networks. There are experts and there are experts and what’s stopping you from being one on your own terms?


pwiki.jpgThis is a common occurence in the marketplace for as history tells us, ther most successful products are the ones that get the most exposure and utilize the best ad campaigns and people who are the best in their field. Getting people to do the advertising for your products is one of the best outcomes of the social weeb that has truly revolutionized the internet giving people power to express views and reviews of products they love and buy. They can even add comments to the purchases (trends) other people create which leads to the discover of hidden flaws and more innovative products. Many start-up’s are beginning to utilize the web in ways that would only be unimaginable a few years back. The rogues of the internet (open-sourced community) made up of who else but by people and developers who want to break out of the cage big businesses have put up around us have succeeded in doing so leaving many industry giants way behind.


Facebook is currently one of the most popular social networking websites. It has users from all over the world and each day millions of these users login and share and read information. Facebook is not only a site used for personal use but is also an important tool in the search engine optimisation and social media campaigns of numerous online businesses.

If used correctly, a profile in Facebook can help a business to gain exposure, develop its brand within the online community and direct suitable traffic to its web pages. In order for Facebook to work successfully for an online business, the site owner must create a profile which attracts the attention and interest of others and makes them want to return to the web page in the future too. Establishing regular followers is vital when using social networking for SEO. Read the rest of this entry »


Outside of boasting of finding a great post, you can use social bookmarking to drive some visitors to your site. You really never know when other people may find your post or discovery equally valuable since the Internet is really the main source of information these days.

Some people may find social bookmarking as an added effort and waste of time. In the early stages it may hold true. But eventually you will discover that efforts will not go to waste. Social bookmarking really aims to spread the word in a more formal matter rather than the usual word of mouth or off-topic link baits people practice these days.



Apparently, Facebook is not just useful for regular people who likes interacting with family and friends, or posting links, photos and status updates but also to law enforcement. In Detroit, a man got arrested for posting pictures. What kind of photos? It is photos of himself holding his guns.

Oliver Weddington had a federal agent investigate him for some federal gun crimes and the agent decided to also look into his Facebook profile. That’s when he found photos of Weddington and his guns. It turns out that he is a convicted felon and he is not allowed to be handling guns. Posing with it was proof worthy enough for jail time.

This just proves how big social media is right now that it is inevitable that law enforcers will also use this as a way of investigating people. This should be a lesson to people that social media is very important. It is easy to access and authorities use it all the time now.


yahgoo.JPGIn an unprecedented move by Yahoo to resurrect the company after the failed negotiations with Microsoft regarding the future of the firm, Yahoo Inc. has signed a deal with its previous rival Google signed an agreement to boost Yahoo’s online ad revenues by allowing them to place ads on Yahoo’s site. This gives social bookmarking a bigger area of cover that was previously owned by either of the two. Combining their resources allows better reach and offers another blow to Microsoft who is desperate for a piece of the Ad market that Google dominates. The move by Microsoft to obtain Yahoo was in hopes of getting a search engine company on the side of the software giant. The failure of negotiations, which was closely followed by the whole world resulted in much discontent with Yahoo and disbelief from Microsoft that even they couldn’t use muscle to get their hands on the search engine company. The power of Microsoft is decreasing day by day and their days as one of the most influential software giant is truly numbered.


Having your work proofread is essential if you want to come up with an error-free paper. This is true whether your are a good writer or not. After all, even the best writers still overlook some of the most basic errors.

The problem with having your work proofread though is that sometimes the editor gets too carried away so that the edited work ends up too different from the original one. While this is not a big deal for some, it is a major frustration for most writers.

If you are one of those who wish to retain control over the flow and feel of your work while it is being proofread, what you can do is to be very selective about the proofreading service you get. Before you get the services of a proofreader, make sure you are able to communicate your exact needs. Proofreaders can do so many things for you aside from checking the grammar of your work, so make sure you know what service they will provide you. Click here for more information on the different services proofreaders provide.

It is also better to hire proofreaders that will allow you to compare your original work and the edited one easily by using tools such as Google Docs so that you can look over the revision history once you get the final product. This is important since you can figure out which changes to keep and not. If you do not know how to do this, you can click here for more information on proofreading services that will allow you to compare original and edited documents.

21 has announced that they have now acquired the social bookmarking site Clipboard. Clipboard has confirmed this on their website saying that they are extremely happy with the new team up but also sad that the relationship with their users will be changed for good.  The said acquisition cost Salesforce  $10 million dollars.

Through out the 2 years that Clipboard’s service was used; there were at least 3 million clips that were bookmarked.  Money has not been very stable as Clipboard has struggled to get investors to fund them. This makes the move to join forces with Salesforce quite a positive one. Clipboard originally has a 5 person team and four of them will join the Salesforce office in Seattle.  All of them will be starting from scratch and leaving behind their own tools and work to integrate same types of functionality with the products of Salesforce. They will have new challenges ahead but they are all competent web developers and can handle new tools.


So many people are using social media websites but only a number are actually aware of the meaning of social bookmarking. What is social bookmarking and how will it benefit a person? To put it in the simplest way possible, social bookmarking is sending link to a site to somebody else. There are social bookmarking sites that allow a person to share, edit, and add web documents. It can also be called tagging. If you have a facebook account, then you might know that tagging means creating a link to another person’s timeline. This could be through a photo, video, status or even other site links.

How does social bookmarking beneficial to a person? If you have your own blog and you want to generate more traffic, then social bookmarking will be able to help you promote your site. This is also a way to save all of your favorite sites and see what your other friends are saving as their favorite.