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Apparently, Facebook is not just useful for regular people who likes interacting with family and friends, or posting links, photos and status updates but also to law enforcement. In Detroit, a man got arrested for posting pictures. What kind of photos? It is photos of himself holding his guns.

Oliver Weddington had a federal agent investigate him for some federal gun crimes and the agent decided to also look into his Facebook profile. That’s when he found photos of Weddington and his guns. It turns out that he is a convicted felon and he is not allowed to be handling guns. Posing with it was proof worthy enough for jail time.

This just proves how big social media is right now that it is inevitable that law enforcers will also use this as a way of investigating people. This should be a lesson to people that social media is very important. It is easy to access and authorities use it all the time now.

21 has announced that they have now acquired the social bookmarking site Clipboard. Clipboard has confirmed this on their website saying that they are extremely happy with the new team up but also sad that the relationship with their users will be changed for good.  The said acquisition cost Salesforce  $10 million dollars.

Through out the 2 years that Clipboard’s service was used; there were at least 3 million clips that were bookmarked.  Money has not been very stable as Clipboard has struggled to get investors to fund them. This makes the move to join forces with Salesforce quite a positive one. Clipboard originally has a 5 person team and four of them will join the Salesforce office in Seattle.  All of them will be starting from scratch and leaving behind their own tools and work to integrate same types of functionality with the products of Salesforce. They will have new challenges ahead but they are all competent web developers and can handle new tools.


So many people are using social media websites but only a number are actually aware of the meaning of social bookmarking. What is social bookmarking and how will it benefit a person? To put it in the simplest way possible, social bookmarking is sending link to a site to somebody else. There are social bookmarking sites that allow a person to share, edit, and add web documents. It can also be called tagging. If you have a facebook account, then you might know that tagging means creating a link to another person’s timeline. This could be through a photo, video, status or even other site links.

How does social bookmarking beneficial to a person? If you have your own blog and you want to generate more traffic, then social bookmarking will be able to help you promote your site. This is also a way to save all of your favorite sites and see what your other friends are saving as their favorite.


Social curator site has been acquired by big company Yahoo. This has been confirmed by Yahoo’s Vice President of Product Mr. Mike Kerns in his recent statement saying “The team created an innovative technology that lets people share content in a social and fun way. We’re excited to welcome them to Yahoo!, where they will help us build experiences that bring people with shared interests together,” is a social bookmarking site that allows people to organize, collect and share articles with other users. The acquisition will likely cost Yahoo $10 million. The 10 member team will now join and collaborate with Yahoo in making a new and better version of this bookmarking site. CEO Ramy Adeeb said in an email to Mashable “Our vision has always been to make news more social. And we can’t think of a better platform than Yahoo, with half a billion monthly users, to realize this vision,” Yahoo will indeed help make this happen!




Delicious bookmarking service has for months been working on improving their site and true to their word, they have done an update and it’s now for everyone to see! Delicious has been one of the most popular social bookmarking web service quite perfect for storing web bookmarks and then sharing it to other users. Since they have gotten out of Yahoo services, Delicious has slowly tried to gain their users back by making their service bigger and better. Their major redesign offer easier discover of content that’s been shared by the community. It added more special features to its stack page last year, allowed for users to get connected with Twitter. This year, it now allows users to look for people and tags by using the characters “@” and “#” The site also claims to have a complete overhaul that promises up to 10 times faster content loading. Users are sure to be more satisfied with their service.


Social bookmarking allows people to add, edit or share different bookmarks of web documents. It can also be considered as “tagging” You don’t necessarily share the file, but you add the link to the bookmarked page. This is widely done by many users and in this article, you will be informed of the top social bookmarking websites as of December 2012.

1. Twitter – this website gets 250,000,000 visits per month. Microblogging site that allows users to share messages of up to 140 characters. Over 500 million registered users.

2. Reddit – 16,000,ooo visits per month. A social news and entertainment website where if one is a registered user, they can submit own articles or links.

3. Pinterest - 15,500,000 visits per month. Pinterest allows users to share all the interesting and beautiful things they find on the internet. You can also browse other user’s pinboard.

4. StumbleUpon – 15,000,000 visits per month. It is a website that has similar features as a web search engine where users discover webpages and rate them.


Your company name is probably something that’s quite close to your heart. A lot of business owners spend a long time considering their company name options before deciding on something. It’s something that a lot of people sweat over, and it’s understandable that you become quite attached to it.

When it comes to search engine optimisation however, your company name is of relatively low importance. It comes way behind all of your industry keywords and every other possible search. So why is it that so many websites include their company name in all of the prime SEO tag places? Read the rest of this entry »



If you don’t know what social media is, then you must be living under a rock for a really long time. Internet has existed for a long time now and in the recent years, it has been associated with social networking. So what is the deal with social media? Basically, it allows people to connect with other people from all over the world. There are so many websites which allow this to be possible. Here is a short list of the most used social networking sites. If you haven’t signed up for one or all of these, it’s time to jump on the band wagon!

1. Facebook - Launched in 2004 and since then has over one billion active users. Before using the site, one must register first then they can create their personal profile.

2. Twitter – Launched in 2006 with over 500 million active users. The site allows you to send and read text based messages on just about anything on your mind.

3. LinkedIn - Launched in 2003 with over 175 million active users. This is allows users to connect in a professional stand point.


Advice on how to acquire Facebook followers abound, from providing useful content to giving rewards, there are lots of gimmicks out there designed to entice people to like and follow your page. But one thing you must never take for granted is your cover and profile picture.

Whether you have a page for your business, a fan page, or a personal account, the fact remains that the first thing people see when they go to your Facebook page is your cover and profile photo. In fact your profile photo is seen even before they go to your page, at least if they do so by clicking on your post or comment located in someone else’s page. And since they are the first thing people see, then you have to make sure that your cover and profile picture looks good and captures the image you want to project. If it is your personal photo, find one where your skin still glows from the beauty salon treatment you just got. If it is a business, invest in a good logo to make your page look professional.

First impressions count not just in the real world, but also in Facebook!

Image via Facebook


Search engine optimisation can provide an online business owner with a great deal. It can help them to get their business noticed and respected and direct relevant traffic to their website. However, how pleased a site owner is with the results produced through SEO will depend on their expectations of the SEO process in the first place.

If you are looking for an improvement in rankings within the search results, SEO can make this possible. There are a number of ethical SEO techniques which can be used by online businesses to encourage the search engine web crawlers to explore their pages and rank them in their results. A top ranking in relevant search results can be highly beneficial and make a significant difference to the performance of a business.

If you are hoping to direct more relevant traffic to your website so you have more internet users interested in your business and exploring your web pages, search engine optimisation can make this possible too. A major part of most SEO campaigns is link building. If you have numerous high quality links to your web pages you will encourage the flow of relevant traffic to your website. A top ranking can also once again be a highly valuable source of suitable traffic too.
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