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$10 Million for Clipboard has announced that they have now acquired the social bookmarking site Clipboard. Clipboard has confirmed this on their website saying that they are extremely happy with the new team up but also sad that the relationship with their users will be changed for good.  The said acquisition cost Salesforce  $10 million dollars.

Through out the 2 years that Clipboard’s service was used; there were at least 3 million clips that were bookmarked.  Money has not been very stable as Clipboard has struggled to get investors to fund them. This makes the move to join forces with Salesforce quite a positive one. Clipboard originally has a 5 person team and four of them will join the Salesforce office in Seattle.  All of them will be starting from scratch and leaving behind their own tools and work to integrate same types of functionality with the products of Salesforce. They will have new challenges ahead but they are all competent web developers and can handle new tools.

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